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Rod's approach

My versatile and unique approach to training will get you ‘fighting fit’ so you are ready to tackle life’s challenges head on and feel great while doing it! Wherever you are at the moment and whatever goals you want to achieve, I will be right behind you to ensure you train the right way and make quick and effective progress. human hair extensions uk

From when I first meet you we will chat about your life style, what you did when you first woke up? Did you check your phone straight away and start your day worrying what's ahead? If so, I'll teach you how to meditate for 3-5 minutes in the morning and suggest taking a positive book to take to read on the train and go through a daily gratitude list and stay away from news papers which are negative. And what did you have for breakfast? Was it carb loaded? If so I'll suggest a more protein based breakfast to get your metabolism kick started so you wont feel hungry till lunch time. Where did you have your lunch at the office or in a park or out door space? What time do you eat dinner is it always after 7pm and do you always eat too much which effects your sleep? And most importantly what are you eating and why, comforting eating? What are you feeding the kids are they eating the same as you or classic kids meals which make them hyperactive and go through mood swings. I will go through a whole new eating programme with you and re-educate you so your start to love cooking from scratch and relish what your feeding your body and mind.

In the gym I will look at your posture as that will reflect what's going on upstairs, can you do a full squat can you touch your toes do a chin up, can you move your body naturally? At the beginning your be training in barefoot so your body realigns it self through muscle activation and body weight movements and yoga so you get to move your body with ease like your born to before throwing any iron around the gym...

We'll do one of my famous Rocky workouts in a London park which is great when your stuck in a office all day or a primal workout training in nature in one of Kent's/Surreys woods to take you back to how we are meant to train to reenergise and balance you either running or mountain biking in between primal movements (my pals love this work out) and its my favourite its in my training schedule once a week with out fail, you will feel exhilarated afterwards and throw away your gym membership. hair bundles

My sessions are always varied and exciting at the end of the work out we may cool down with some meditation to lower your heart rate so when you leave to go back to work or look after the kids you will leave relaxed, focused with a smile on your face, all sessions are monitored with a heart rate monitor.

I'm a trainer who has been in demand for 20 years and this is simply because my hands on approach to training works. I have transformed the lifes of my clients from all walks life. Having the ability to help my clients tap into their inner strength and helping them discover a passion for a healthier happier life has seen me develop a client list to include Hollywood stars such as Holly Wood Actor Gerard Butler, music mogul, Benny Medina, top models like Erin O Conner and Britain s finest Actor Simon Callow CBE to inspirational women like Dr Pamela Stevenson Connelly and comedian/actor Chris Rock and David Miller from the group Il Divo - you don't have to be an A lister to train with me I love training people from all walks of life whether you're a professional athlete, a mum who wants to get back in shape or some help training while pregnant or even someone who's never done any exercise. I can help you get to where your born to be fit, healthy and ready for anything.

A list of some of my training methods

  • Body weight moves and HIIT work outs
  • Dynamic and compound strength training
  • Learn how to box to a high standard and train in all aspects of a fighter's training from jumping rope, pads to sparring (sparring is optional).
  • Core stability and posture work
  • Barefoot Running
  • How to look at a park, woods, open space and see a gym
  • I like to throw in some armed/unarmed self defence training as a cool down, using Ninpo, Jujustu or SPEAR training.
  • Sprint training
  • YOGA

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